Week 1 March 16-20, 2009
Mouse running around computer

6th - 8th Grades

Bring these materials everday to TLC

Monday and Tuesday:

Wednesday - Friday:

  1. Begin TLC Word Journal - Word of the Day.
  2. 8th Grade Only- Prep your Engineering Notebooks
  3. TLC Photos-get your picture taken and store it show it can be used later in your TLC projects.
  4. What's a Server?
  5. What is the Shared Eaccess/Eaccess Server and how do I get to it?
  6. What is the TLCStu Server and how do I get to it?
    1. Select the "Finder Menu" (happy face Apple icon)
    2. At the top of the screen select the "Go" menu
    3. Chose "Connect to Server"
    4. Server Address should have the following IP address:
    5. Hit the "Connect" button
    6. Name: TLCStu
    7. Password: script
  7. Eaccess Housekeeping
    • Clean up your Digital Locker, aka "Your Eaccess Home"!!!
    • Make a virtual folders-follow Mr. Wickham's instructions in class.
    • Move your photo from Shared Eaccess into this new TLC Eaccess folder.
  8. Room Scavenger Hunt-work with a partner who is also finished with the above tasks.

Welcome to TLC Handout-Due: Friday