Week 3 (April 6-10, 2009) Kid typing


All Grades - New seating arrangement.

6th and 7th grades: Ultrakey

8th grade: We need shoeboxes for our next project! The first person in each period to bring one into class will get a prize.

Invention project warm-up. "Hey I could have invented that!!!!" Look at these inventions online.


6th and 7th Grades:

  1. Journal Entry
  2. Painting Light and Shadow Atomic Learning Tutorial on Microsoft Powerpoint. Last day to complete this project.

8th Grade Students: Invention Contracts passed out. Take them home and get them signed. They are due back on Thursday.

Preproduction Planning for the iStopMotion project using AtomicLearning.com



All Grades: Journal Entry

6th-Last day to finish Painting Light and Shadow Atomic Learning Tutorial

7th- Begin Website Development Unit

What is the Internet? What is the www? What is html?

Learn HTML Tutorial.- Read Chapters 1-3 and complete review worksheet.

8th Graders: Invention Project Website and iStopMotion project using AtomicLearning.com


All Grades: Journal Entry

6th-Playing it Safe on Internet Unit

  1. Mr. Wickham will Introduce the Unit and explain the Task and the Process.
  2. Groupings for the Unit
  3. Complete Process steps 1 and 2.

7th grade: Learn HTML Tutorial.

8th Graders: iStopMotion project using AtomicLearning.com


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