Week 4 (April 13-17, 2009) Surpised monitor

Hey even a 6th grader could have invented these:

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All Grades: Journal Entry

Typing with Ultrakey
Practice safe computer usage by following the 20/20 rule. After using the computer for 20 minutes, take a 20 second break away from the computer. Look away from the screen and take your hands off the keyboard and mouse or take a "Stand and Stretch" break.

Complete Lessons and do all the skill checks.


All Grades: Journal Entry

6th-Playing it Safe on Internet Unit

  1. Mr. Wickham will Introduce the Unit and explain the Task and the Process.
  2. Groupings for the Unit
  3. Complete Process steps 1 and 2.

7th grade: Learn HTML Tutorial.

Period 1 only (8th grade):

Preproduction Planning for the iStopMotion project using AtomicLearning.com


Wednesday: All Grades: Journal Entry

Thursday: All Grades: Journal Entry


Friday: All Grades: Journal Entry